Monochromatic Themed Home Decor for Your New Home


There is a good reason why homes decorated with monochromatic themes are enduring in any length of time. A shade with one dominant main color or the monochromatic does not only stop with black and white shades. It also comes with all the available colors, matched with the common hues. Raging from the shades of neutral to neon, ultra-saturated or subtle, and such—depending on your preference. The uniformity and sameness of the monochromatic shades create a soothing, neat, and elegant interior, easy to mix and match!

The Right Texture

            One of the topmost considered aspects in achieving the monochromatic themed home decors is the textures. This includes floor-to-ceiling colors, having no difference if you choose a lighter texture or darker ones. Choosing the right texture avoids the blandness of the space due to the lack of other variations of colors. This does not mean the sameness of color only requires one type of shade. Engage other shades, by this, coordinate rich to the soft texture. Thus, choose the right texture of upholstery for your sofas, chairs, couches, and such. If you go for a lighter texture of walls, match it with darker shades of upholstery for a more relaxing and richer setting. Or it could go the other way around.

Details Always Matter!

            Choose the same hues of your upholstery, walls, ornaments, rugs, and such. Allow two to three different colors of ornaments.  There should always be a dominant shade to perk up the monochromatic setting. If you don’t find other types of color neat, you could always choose plain and patterned upholstery, rugs, and throw pillowcases with different shades to add contrast into space.

Start Here

            If you find monochromatic-themed home constricting and bland for your entire place, you could always choose different shades for different rooms. Start with the living room. The sofa set should have the same upholstery fabric. If you choose a lighter shade, you could drape the underneath with richer and darker colors of the carpet with the same hues of your sofa set. This would help create contrast in the space.

Look for home pieces and furniture close to the color. Thus find upholstery with the same hues. Upholstery fabric to the trade with the same shade of throw pillow cases to blend in with the set. Make sure to stay within your choices of hues to achieve the monochromatic setting. The Yorkshire Fabric shop offers a variety of upholstery fabrics and other types of fabrics of your choice, which are inspired by different designs across the globe.

Crisps And Clean Kitchen

            It is a common occurrence to have a monochromatic kitchen in every household. Cabinets and countertops are most likely painted with the same shades according to your preference. Consider matching colors or within the same hues of the pot, pans, hand towels, rugs, type of spoons, and other kitchen tools and equipment. Monochromatic themed kitchens give off a sanitary and fancy look, enough for you to provide an appetizing dish.

Neutral Shade is For Everyone

            There is something about neutral shades that give off class and suave to the setting. If you go for white bedroom colors–or the lack of thereof, it would bring you a serene and calming look. Fresh and clean, soft, crisps, and warm surroundings for a good rest!

Monochromatic does not mean all throughout choosing one type of color. There are various shades of white and you could also add other neutral colors of home accessories to create contrast with your primary hue.

Have a Try!

Single color or shade might seem plain or bland but given with creativity of choice and contrast, the result can be elegant and stunning. When you choose a monochromatic theme for your new home, the close shades of hues can create a stage for details and other intricately crafted materials such as textures, ornaments, artworks, furniture pieces, architectural details, and the twist of different colors on objects chosen to stand out.

    Besides, it is relatively easy to achieve a monochromatic themed home. Plus fixing and matching furniture and home pieces are less pain in the head! You won’t have to think if a certain type of piece belongs to the place. Choosing a color alongside home pieces to accentuate the space is rather simple since your choice of object is limited to a certain type of hues.

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